Monday, November 23, 2009

What I found when I came home...

Jonathan decided Evelyn needed a trim while I was gone! Phil wrote and told me about it and said she looked a bit uneven...somehow seeing it in person was a lot more dramatic than hearing about it over email. The funniest thing is that she walked around like this for a garage sale, church, friend's houses...before I got back and fixed it. For a long time she has been talking about growing her hair looong like a princess...I guess princess hairstyle will have to wait!

Trip to Florida

Last week I went to Florida! For months I had been dreaming about going to one of my best friend's wedding, but thought it was impossible seeing as I was half way around the world. Then a few weeks before the big event God started opening doors for me to go and confirmed this gift to me in amazing and detailed ways. We decided I should go ahead and do it! Phil stayed home with the kids for ten whole days. He did a great job! One of the best things for me (besides the wedding which was one of the most fun and romantic weddings I've ever been to) was getting to stay with my parents. It was so much fun going shopping with my mom, eating steak out on their deck and playing tennis with Dad! I also got to go out for coffee with a dear friend and spend some time with my Grandma and Aunt Mary!

I got home yesterday and it's good to be back. The kids are as cute as ever and I feel refreshed and ready for the next 7 months...or however long we're here!
Here are some pictures from last week...

Elisabeth and me an hour before the wedding.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is watching the grooms face as he watches his bride approach.

My other favorite part of a wedding!

The reception was beautiful and a lot of fun. They hired a professional square dance caller!

Professionally grilled steaks on the patio with Mom and Dad.

KFC with Grandma and Aunt Mary.