Monday, May 12, 2008

What are little boys made of?

...snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. Jonathan can't get enough of the snails in our backyard. He knows where they all live and checks up on them daily. Many weeks ago he introduced me to a mommy and baby snail, and when I asked him how he knew which one was which, he looked at me blankly, pointing at the smaller snail and said, "This one's Which."
It takes hard scrubbing with soap and a scrub brush to get the snail goo off of his hands. Yech. Em does this several times a day, but it is absolutely worth the hours of free entertainment.

Note big bruise on forehead and hot new haircut!

Camping Trip!

Last weekend I took Jonathan on his first camping trip! We left the girls at home and went up the coast to spend the night at Cerro Alto campground. On our long hike up Cerro Alto mountain we encountered many friendly dogs and fellow hikers, we talked about pollination and "pinching crabs", and Jonathan slipped and, as he recounted to a friend later, "hit his face on a mountain rock". The weather was amazing, and the cool creek felt nice on our sore feet. That night was one of the rare nights when Jonathan begged to go to bed. Our tent was awesome! When he woke up in the morning he jumped out of his sleeping bag and ran (three steps) to the window of the tent and declared loudly, "Daddy look! It's ... it's summertime!"