Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pullup Competition

Here are some shots from a pull-up competition we had on site. The men approached this competition very uneasily at first, but by the end everyone was cheering and laughing. Serwanga took home the prize: a nifty shoe-shine kit my Dad got for buying a pair of shoes from Bata.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Phil killed this. Isn't he amazing?

We knew we had a rat problem, we just didn't realize how BIG a rat problem we had! One night after climbing in bed we heard our nightly visitor in the kitchen trash. Phil went out with a flashlight to investigate. I heard him exclaim, "Oh crap!" and I came running. We called Danny out and all grabbed broomsticks. Phil chased him out from under the kitchen counter and there he was...all 6 pounds of rat. In fact, we were reluctant to accept that this huge animal was actually a rat and debated if it was possible to kill it with mere broomsticks. Deciding that it was "now or never" we went for it...well, Phil went for it. By the end his broomstick had become nunchucks, but it was 1-0 for us versus rats. Three days later...

...this guy showed up. Possibly to avenge his brother's death. This time Danny decided to be the exterminator. After doing my rat-battle-prep jobs (which include closing all the hallway doors and arming the men with their rat-bats), I sat in my cozy perch on the kitchen counter and took footage.

Since these two exciting rat-events we have successfully patched the screen on our porch so that we no longer have R.O.U.S. invasions, but it was fun while it lasted!