Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunny FL

Our first week back in the States has been a great one!
The trip here was long and tiring, but it was such a treat to come straight to Mom and Dad Gray's house to crash. It's been so special to see the kids re-connect with their Grandparents. We've had such fun times at the beach, on the tennis court, at the park, eating ice cream, and visiting friends...

Federer and Nadal get ready to duke it out on the court.

David and Lindsay Lange made a road trip to FL to see us. Here we are at Chuck E. Cheese!

The kids LOVED the beach...the water was so warm!

With Grandma and Granddad at Hillsborough River State Park
(Granddad used to swim with the gators here when he was a boy!)

Mmmm, McDonalds icecream cones!!

Double date with Elisabeth and Dennis (whose wedding I came back for in Nov!)

We even had a nice visit with Great Grandma Gray and Aunt Mary.

What a great start to our summer! We're so thankful for the friends and family we've already connected with and excited about all the folks we'll get to see along the way! We head out on Tuesday (June 15) to begin our long journey up to PA. We'll be stopping in Niceville, FL; Birmingham, AL; Columbia, SC; Newport News, VA; and finally Duncannon, PA before flying to CA for our west coast adventures.

Roadtrip 2010 here we come!!